When you choose me as your photographer, you’re not just getting someone who rocks up on the day, takes photos and delivers a gallery in a few weeks. You’re getting a professional who has shot over 200 weddings and cares about what they’re doing.

I’m a connection focused photographer. I love looking for the in-between moments, the loved one crying during your ceremony, your partner admiring you when you’re not looking, the way you hold each others hands. I’m pretty relaxed and detail oriented, but still happy to direct the wedding day and keep things ticking along.

I’m conscious of making sure you genuinely enjoy your time with me. Time really is precious and I want to make sure you utilise it well on your wedding day. We’ll spend an hour with your bridal party and family after the ceremony taking some photos. I’ll pull you away at sunset for 15 minutes and then you can spend your energy on the dance-floor, and your time with your loved ones.

I will help you plan your day. From the timeline, to recommending other suppliers I’ve worked with. I’m more than just a photographer and I encourage you to tap into this. You can come to me with any questions regarding your day and I’ll help guide you through it.

All of our consultation, whether it be lunch, a hang at your venue or just a zoom call is free and unlimited.

The Whole Shebang

You want a burger with the lot hey? Beetroot on a burger is kinda gross though…

Seriously though, The Whole Shebang really is a big deal. You’ll have me for unlimited coverage on your wedding day, from the moment you start getting ready until you’ve left your reception. You’ll also have a second photographer from getting ready until we’ve come back from our sunset shoot. Your gallery will contain between 500-750+ photos. You’ll also receive a bespoke box with a USB and 20x fine art 6x4 prints, as well as an 18x24 fine art enlargement of a photo of your choosing.

You’ll receive a free engagement shoot which we can tie in with a face to face meeting, as well as all of the bonuses of my other packages. Including unlimited consultation, a next day sneak peek and your gallery delivered in 4-8 weeks from your wedding day.

Kettle of Fish

Well this is a different kettle of fish… This package is my most popular, and the coverage I would recommend to most people who come to me unsure of their needs.

With Kettle of Fish you’ll have me for 10 hours on your wedding day. You can opt for an extra hour for $250 if you need to stretch it a little bit further too.

You will receive between 400-650 photos via online gallery in 4-8 weeks from your wedding day, followed by a bespoke box containing a USB and 10x fine art 6x4 prints. You’ll also get a sneak peek gallery the day after your wedding and unlimited consultation.

If this all sounds good, I’d love to get to know you and help create some beautiful memories for you and your lover.

Can of Worms

Can of Worms is the perfect option for couples with a more low-key day. You will still get all of my attention and unlimited consultation, as well as location scouting and planning advice.

You’ll have me for 5 hours on your wedding day and will receive at least 250 images via online gallery in 6-8 weeks from your date. You’ll also receive a sneak peek gallery the next day with a few specially selected images, including any particular photos you’d like for thank you cards etc.

Family Sessions

I offer weekday family sessions with a focus on connection and adventure. We choose an outdoor location at sunset and let the magic happen. Shoots typically run for 40 minutes and you'll receive 50-80 images via online gallery a week from you session.

Frequently asked questions...

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm based in Murray Bridge, South Australia but am available worldwide. I do not charge travel fees within South Australia for weddings.

Are you LGBTQI+ Friendly?

Of course! I love all people regardless of who they are. You're a pretty shit human being if you think otherwise. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Do you photoshop your images?

Each photo I edit goes through the process of culling, exposure corrections, colour grading and then photoshopping if needed. I usually remove distracting elements from your photos such as traffic cones, bright objects and even people if I deem it necessary. When photoshopping facial features, I will remove pimples or wounds but will not remove or adjust permanent features.

Will you take care of all the location scouting for photos?

Yep! If it's a venue I haven't shot before, I'll definitely drop in at some stage to get the lay of the land. I'm also open to suggestions and ideas from you and your partner, but I'll have plenty of ideas to keep us covered!

What do we do in case of bad weather?

Your day is your day. I encourage everyone to embrace that. Whether it's sunny skies or an absolute downpour, I'll be right by your side with a smile on my face capturing the magic. I have clear umbrellas in my car at all times so we can make the most of inclement weather. If it's completely unmanageable, I have appropriate lighting for some epic indoor shots too!

Will we catch up before the wedding?

Definitely. At the very least by zoom, but I like to aim for a site visit leading up to the day so that we're fully on the same page with how things will run on the day.

What if I get injured or can't capture your day?

I have insurance and public liability to deal with any personal injury that might happen on the day of your shoot. I also have a network of photographers and videographers of a similar skillset to myself who are always ready to jump in at a moments notice.